UniSpool the product

UniSpool is a complete solution for management and control of complex print infrastructures within heterogeneous and distributed environments. 

UniSpool is available for a large number of platforms. 

Besides the core print management functionality UniSpool offers more advanced features. Through the use of these features, complex print environments can be fully managed and monitored.
In essence, the functionality consists of automation and optimisation of electronic document streams and effective and efficient management of complex print infrastructures.

Controlling and optimising report distribution

One of the key features of UniSpool is the ability to control document flow and distribution. Sophisticated features allow distribution rules to be applied to selected documents. Identified documents are automatically forwarded, copied or altered in order to ensure their delivery to the intended destination(s) in a timely manner. The powerful and flexible implementation enables the efficient and timely report delivery that is crucial to today’s businesses.


The product can be fully configured and managed in line with the structure of the ICT organisation. The choice can be made to configure and/or manage the solution in a centralised or decentralised manner, or even a combination of both.

Graphical management interfaces

For the daily task and operations, UniSpool is equipped with a set of advanced graphical management interfaces. These easy-to-learn interfaces are available to system managers, operators and helpdesk employees. In addition to standard features, such as print file management, device administration and configuration, the graphical management interface is equipped with extensive monitoring features that allow for proactive management of events in the output environment.


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