Improve business efficiency

Sophisticated output and print management solutions should not be limited to reducing the cost of ICT operations (by means of tools and solutions targeted at ICT operational staff) alone but also contribute to the improvement of business efficiency. In many cases documents (whether internal or external) and reports support key business processes within companies. The efficient and timely delivery of these documents to the intended destinations can become critical to certain business processes.

Usually the importance of the documents and their distribution characteristics, describing the destination, are clearly defined in business rules. However, adherence to these rules often depends on user handling and/or complicated procedures included in or added to the business application software. Being able to define and execute these rules outside the scope of the business application, and without the need for manual user interaction, enables smooth and efficient document delivery.

UniSpool features and functions for fully automated output and document distribution and delivery provide a dynamic and flexible method for implementation of the business requirements, contributing to the improvement of business efficiency.