Improve reliability of document delivery

If business processes rely on supporting business documents (invoices, picking lists, bills of lading, etc.), the secure and confirmed delivery to the destination is of great importance. But even for less critical documents, reliable delivery to the destination should be of importance to companies, as uncertainty requires that time be spent searching for ‘lost’ documents and reports. Since document transfer and delivery to a final destination is fully controlled by UniSpool, document delivery can be guaranteed.

Decrease the number of helpdesk calls. End user printing problems often make up a large percentage of ICT helpdesk calls. Output and print management solutions can reduce this not only by increasing the reliability of the printing process but also by making information about the printing process much more accessible to the end user and the management. And by providing end users access to simple user-oriented tasks, UniSpool help decrease the involvement of the helpdesk in problems related to end-user output and printing.