We have worked on our DM solutions under the name of IntraOffice for more than 15 years now. Currently more than 100,000 users, in seven European countries, use our software every day. This means that, in total, our software processes more than 50 million documents a month. IntraOffice consists of a combination of integrated sub-solutions that allow our customers to make immense amounts of documents securely available online, and to archive these for end users. Read more about this. Read more about this.

What is IntraOffice?

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IntraOffice is the document management solution that makes digital archiving available for any organisation. IntraOffice is a complete ‘white label’ solution that consists of various modules, which can be seamlessly integrated with complex IT infratructures.

IntaOffice is integrated on a standard basis with many of our customers ‘vertical business applications as the environment for storage and the secure online access of document for end users. It does not matter whether these documents originate in office environments (low-volume). Digital archiving and access are always quaranteed in accordance with the Electronic Administration Communications Act.

A sustainable and efficient solution

The physical printing and distribution of documents is often a costly and labour-intensive process for organisations, as well as a considerable strain on the environment. In the Netherlands alone, 1.4 billion pieces of mail are printed and sent every year, which stands for cutting 416,000 trees*. From 2010, a new law makes it unnecessary to send this information out physically. In this time of far-reaching digitalisation and portalisation of companies, our solutions can help you attain substantial process efficiency and cost benefits, up to 60%. Thanks to our solution, moreover, you will considerably reduce the strain on the environment. For a first indication, use our online TCO calculator, which will give you an overview of your possible savings inside of a minute (available soon).

* The Netherlands has some 16.5 million people in 7 million households. Every household receives some 200 formal pieces of mail from government institutions or companies every year (about 4 times a week). The amount of paper involved in this is immense. This calculation does not even include the strain on the environment produced by the printing and logistical processing of delivering this post. One tree produces about 14,000 A4-sized sheets of paper.

More information?
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