Range of products

The most appropriate technical and user-friendly tool for document management for an optimal use of your output streams is within your reach. We have developed tools in-house such as IntraOffice and UniSpool which are perfect for modern document management woth regard to both technology and use. Please read the experience of our customers.

Our exclusive solutions for document management:

  • UniSpool – output- and print management solution (UNIX/Linux, Solaris. MPE, HP-UX)
  • PrinTaurus – controlling complete printing environments (MS)
  • IntraOffice – digital handling and filing of your documents

Smart selection

After a brief meeting, in which we will make an inventory, we will provide you with advice about which document management software is the best solution for your organisation. After this conversation, you will have a better notion of our approach and you will naturally receive a transparent price quotation. Curious? Please contact us.

For more information: please contact us.

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