Digital signature

A digital agreement

The digital signature makes different paper versions of documents, such as agreements or employment contracts redundant. Online agreement is performed via a secured web portal. People who sign have exclusive access to this domain and receive a TAN code on their smartphone as verification. This signature by both parties is regarded as legally valid by Dutch law since 2010. In addition to this, documents that are signed online may be filed within the same environment.

Legal signature as a major advantage

The paper version of an employment contract for instance is no longer necessary. This offers a large number of advantages for an organisation such as an employment agency:

  • Increased customer satisfaction: rapid processing of intake and deployment of a candidate
  • Gaining time in the working process: handling time such as printing and sending are a thing of the past
  • Cost savings: actual profit with regard to space and saving paper and postage

Documents or file signed by hand?

Digital signing and filing of documents is the basis of keeping a complete online file. Salary slips, sheets with the administration of hours and curriculum vitaes could be added. The portal on which is logged in could have exclusive access for employee, employer or third party and could be extended upon demand.

Digital access to all important documents. With the appropriate software solution IntraOffice, a complete online file is created in a rapid and simple manner. A low investment is required due to the “pay per use” principle.

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