Cost-effective printing

Rapid profitability?

To save costs on output: who is printing what and on which machine? Insight into the complete printing- and output process will help you streamline and efficiently regulate the output- and printing jobs. This will reduce the failure frequency considerably and has a positive effect on use of paper, cartridges and toner. With smart software, this could be mapped out in a rapid and simple manner within organisations where large quantities of output are processed and many documents are printed. Request for an example from practice.

Massive printing jobs

Having a large quantity of documents available in just a limited print street is not always feasible. A selection of a specific printer could control the output. Load balancing could be the solution for the most rapid way of delivery. As an ICT manager, you could see on a central control panel where and for who printing jobs are sent across the network and where documents could be available first. Please let us inform you about the possibilities of print- and output tools UniSpool (Unix/Linux) and PrinTaurus (MS).

A familiar situation?

Please find below a list of the most requested printing demands:

  • To decrease and/or eliminate costs of printed matter and paper
  • Reliable delivery, 100% document delivery on location and independent of which country
  • Decrease of the pressure on ICT management and the amount of telephone calls at the helpdesk about jammed printers
  • Use: increase of the user-friendliness of printing applications and printers
  • Costs: decrease of maintenance costs of the output- and controlling print management infrastructure, centralized and/or decentralized monitoring and managing

Do you recognize these demands? It is possible to realize them, even within your organisation. Smart software, for instance UniSpool and PrinTaurus are activated in the background, so you do not notice it but you do benefit from it.

Would you like to know more about document mangement in general? Contact us and let us answer all your questions. Or read our Document Management brochure here

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