5 tips

5 tips: process optimization

You are able to optimize working processes in different ways. We have 5 tips to help you with this.

1.Who is (actually) doing what?

Mapping out the complete working process, ranging from complete task to part of the task or subtask, will help you gaining insight and assisting your team to feel efficient. Is everyone actually occupied with the tasks he or she should be executing? Or is there any kind of overlap somewhere? A team meeting of 10 minutes could provide you with an answer to the question of who is actually doing what.

2. Set the alarm clock

By literally keeping track of the time you spend on something, you will create proper grip on a task. Your planning could become more realistic if you keep track of the time you spend on certain recurring activities. By setting a simple kitchen timer, you will make sure you do not spend more time than you have planned on for instance compiling a personnel file.

3. Learn from experiences from others

The approach of another person could open your own eyes. How have other competitors/colleagues dealt with the process regarding the pension insurance policies? Physical network meetings and online group discussions are in particular suitable to take a closer look at your own working processes.

4. What has to be done and what could be done

Policy determines the rules and regulations within an organisation. But are all these rules and regulations clear to everyone? Ask a team member in an informal way about the limiting conditions and definitions of the policy, for instance while standing in front of the coffee machine.

5. The right tool

Use supporting software while utilizing all possibilities within the law. Digital signatures are allowed since 2010, so actually physically having to sign documents is no longer required. As a result, filing paper documents could become a thing of the past. In short: with smarter software, you could use your working hours better and more efficient. Read more about it with an example from practise: customers tell you their story.

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