Environment first with UniSpool

Reduce printing!

It’s clear that not every print request that is generated must be printed. UniSpool makes the difference. UniSpool can convert all output for a printer to PDF files, store these files on your web server, create an index HTML page, allow the user to preview the PDF files from this index page and selectively print them.

This would save quite a lot of paper and toner (direct cost savings) and helps to make a better environment. A small step towards our common goal: savings for the business and a cleaner environment.

How to implement in Unispool

After the user printed the request, the document is not printed, but exported to a PDF file instead. The export mechanism recognizes the input format, most likely this will be PCL, Postscript or plain ASCII text. Depending on the input format the export feature will select the appropriate converter, for example if the input format is Postscript, Ghostscript (gs) can be used as the converter. The available converters are configured in UniSpool, so if your company already possesses a license for another conversion product, like Compart’s DocBridgeMill, this product can be used instead.

The resulting PDF file must be written to a location available to the web server, after the file is written, UniSpool will add an entry to an index file for the user available from the web server. This index file contains UniSpool attributes to identify the print requests and links to converted PDF files.

When the user opens the URL pointing to the index file in the browser, a web page is shown that allows the user to preview the print requests.

Clicking on pdf in the Link column, will open the PDF viewer and show the converted print request, the user can then decide if the document must be printed, or that viewing the content is sufficient and a hard copy is not necessary.

Even if this just saves a few prints a day, the efforts to put this in place are small steps in achieving our common goal: a future proof environment.

For further information feel free to contact Goossen de Bruin at +31 418 67 30 00 or goossen.de.bruin@hollandhouse.com.