Whitepaper UniSpool for SAP

For most organizations using mySAP® Netweaver™, the distribution and printing of reports and business documents is mission critical. In this white paper, explore a powerful output and print management solution with functions that go far beyond the standard solutions provided by native operating systems. By implementing the UniSpool for SAP® solution, learn how to improve document processing in your day-to-day business, gain better business continuity, and reduce costs.

In this white paper, learn how you can gain:

  • Reliability — Process huge volumes of data without manual intervention and guaranteed delivery of the data, 24/7
  • Speed — The processing speed is only limited by the capacity of the physical output devices, no processing delays
  • Transparency — The state of print requests is available during and after processing
  • Flexibility — Easy integration of converters and formatters to enhance the output into documents confirming the customer’s corporate image
  • Standardization — Adhere to appropriate standards in communication and output delivery, resulting in vendor independence
  • Cost savings — Fewer system management problems and better business continuity


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