Experiences from our customers

"centralizes its SAP printing processes with UniSpool & PrinTaurus"

challenge:Reliable printmanagement for a printing process that is free of failures
solution:UniSpool & PrinTaurus


  • Reliable printmanagement for a printing process that is free of failures
  • Logging of the printing processes for transparency and traceability
  • Time savings on account of the harmonized and standardized printing environment at every site
  • Cost reduction by limiting all the company’s printer fleets to standard models
  • Stable printing via WAN links

Hirschmann Automotive has standardized and harmonized its SAP printing processes with the output management solutions UniSpool and PrinTaurus. In addition to harmonization of the printer fleet, substantially greater transparency and stability of the printing processes was also achieved.

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"IntraData had the technology we needed, and they worked beyond our expectations. "

Bent Jensen, executive vice president Bluegarden A/S, Denmark

industry:HR/Payroll Services
challenge:to improve customer service offerings in an increasing competitive environment and meet concrete customer requirements
solution:a specialized technology enabling customers to capture their payroll output electronically and storing it securely and easily accessible


  • improved competitive edge - highly comfortable solution where customer information is made available to customers through a simple mouse click
  • the solution is fast and secure and is highly appreciated by customers
  • easy to use – fully intuitive user interface further accelerating the success of the services
  • the solution is very stable and requires only little maintenance: significant cost savings for Bluegarden

Bluegarden is a leading service provider in the field of payroll management and HR services. Every month more than 2.3 million Scandinavians receive their paychecks through solutions provided by Bluegarden. Bluegarden is able to provide tools and concepts for automated HR processes, covering all aspects of a company’s HR needs.

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"Enormous profits have been made in the field of control and company continuity"

Michael Karaman, output management consultant T-Systems

challenge:One single solution across multiple operating systems and varying output devices


  • Significant cost reduction with measurable RoI within a few months
  • Single point of operating control
  • Significant call reduction at helpdesk
  • Increased end user satisfaction

In order to put a stop to the high operational costs, intricate control and the difficult relationship with all those different printer suppliers, Philips International has made a worldwide selection for UniSpool, the output and printing management solution of Holland House (part of the Solipsis group). The result is a substantial saving of costs and control as more than 10,000 printers are now linked to the same system all over the world. The costs of management will decrease considerably due to the fact that less technical support of specialists is required as print streams no longer get stuck…

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"Our conclusion is, there are not many solutions that are able to manage and control a very large number of diverse printers. UniSpool and PrinTaurus offer the best results."

organisation:MAN Nutzfahrzeuge


  • return on investment
  • intelligent output management

MAN Nutzfahrzeuge is an automotive company with 31,500 employees in nine countries. It produces 55,000 trucks and 5,500 buses a year. The company has a turnover of around 8 billion Euros. In practice, a relatively large portion of the company’s total IT costs (contracted to T-Systems) is spent on operating and maintaining an output and printing infrastructure. More and more companies strive to reduce direct costs related to the output infrastructure and its day-today management and maintenance. According to calculations made by IDC, half of all help-desk calls are related to output and printing problems.

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"In our opinion, the solutions of IntraData are extremely practical for all organisations that have a demand for online bulk data archiving."

John Cöhrs, Alliance Manager Raet

industry:HRM & Payroll
challenge:centralised delivery of salary administration system output via the Raet Online portal
solution:IntraOffice, the archiving solution of IntraData


  • time savings - information is delivered quicker to the client, results of a salary run are available within (a few) hours
  • extensive data security and ‘single sign on’ inlogging - no one employee is able to access the salary details or personnel file of any other employee
  • flexible standard solution - adaptable to individual needs and requirements
  • user-friendly

Raet has been the market leader in the Netherlands in the field of HRM and payroll for 45 years, and prepares more than two million salary and pension calculations per month. The archiving solution IntraOffice from IntraData is part of the Raet portfolio, and is deployed to make the delivery of the output of the entire HRM and payroll process possible via Raet Online. No more hardcopy archives, instead everything can be accessed safely via the internet.

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