Solipsis Group

Solipsis was formed by Mr Wim J.N. Buitenhuis in 1990. As a service-providing ICT Company, Solipsis is engaged in the computerisation and automation processes in large and small organisations. This includes setting up and maintaining systems, as well as anything else that plays a role therein; develop and maintain software, supplying hardware and software, guiding an organisation in operating the systems, improving corporate results by making available the necessary management information etc. In 2006, the Solipsis Group was formed with the objective to further expand our service provision.

Following the takeover of Holland House b.v. in that same year and IntraData b.v. in 2008, Solipsis is now also one of the largest suppliers of solutions for all aspects in document management, otherwise known as Enterprise Document Management. In order to realise the best possible costs and benefits distribution for you, our work processes are standardised, where possible. However, we always use our expertise and experience to offer you a customised solution, tailored to your specific needs, if so required.

During the past decades, the world of automation has been a dynamic playing field. Innovations and fast-pace changes and advances in technology were and still are ongoing. Possibilities change and therefore opportunities come and go, but how to keep track of all of this? Solipsis takes care of this for you, so you can focus on your specialist activities. It is all about convenience!

We convert your wishes in the fields of automation and computerisation into concrete, practical solutions. During this process, we closely monitor the balance between costs, benefits and effectiveness.
Comfort Class is our way of thinking and doing in the fields of modern business operations and ICT. It is in accordance with this principle that we develop software for corporate processes, including management information systems. In addition, we are professionals in setting up and managing computers and networks and we develop and install software for the scanning, distribution, archiving, presentation and printing of output/documents.

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