Holland House

Holland House

Holland House is the world’s leading provider of output and print management solutions. From its origin in 1984 as a provider of specialist output and printing capabilities for proprietary Hewlett-Packard and Digital Systems, the company has experienced steady growth and successfully developed a version of its flagship product UniSpool. We have a worldwide customer base that spans more than 10,000 installations. Large customers include Air Products, Du Pont de Nemours, L’Air Liquide, Man Nutzfahrzeuge, UBS and a number of large government agencies in various countries. Read more about our product distribution strategy. 

In order to provide our solutions throughout the world, our valued resellers and partners play an important role.

The Solipsis group

Holland House is a member of the Solipsis group since 2006. Solipsis was formed in 1990 as a service providing ICT Company. In 2006 the Solipsis group was formed with the objective to expand our service provision. Following the takeover of Holland House b.v. in that same year and IntraData b.v. in 2008, Solipsis is now also one of the largest suppliers of solutions for all aspects in document management. In order to realise the best possible costs and benefits distribution for you, our work processes are standardised, where possible. However, we always use our expertise and experience to offer you a customised solution, tailored to your specific needs, if so required.

The solution

UniSpool enables organisations to maximise efficiency and flexibility of output generation, processing, management and delivery, whilst minimising costs through the optimisation of resource utilisation.
Our devotion is to provide an environment that enables organisations to:

  • maximise efficiency and flexibility of output/print processing, delivery and management
  • achieve independence from single-vendor technology while conforming to industry standards
  • minimise costs through the optimisation of resource utilisation (infrastructure and employees).

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