Document Management

Document Management

Sensible management of document flows

Has the accessibility of information been improved considerably within your organisation as a result of digitalisation? With several clicks of the mouse, files could be adapted easily, sent again and saved “in the cloud” or not. This process is ideal but it is also very important to arrange all this correctly. The unstoppable growth, and as a result the complex controllability of document flows, require an appropriate approach and technology. They require a tested document management system.

Rapid profitability

With the proper document management solution, you could save a lot of time. Being able to rapidly distribute, print, file, perform an advance search and being able to work simultaneously in digital files are namely all basic features of our products. In addition to this, the costs of supporting means, such as toner, paper and equipment, will decrease. You will recover the costs of your investment in document management (DM) in about 9 months. Take a look at our practical solutions.

With IntraOffice and UniSpool, the structured distribution, scanning, filing, requesting, presenting and printing is completely computerized. Irrespective of the volume of your document flows, the variety of applications, the amount of establishments within your organisation, wherever, our DM solutions will always help you taking steps into the right direction.

Obtain sound advice

The Solipsis Group specializes in solutions for digital management of files, output- and print management since 1984. You can contact us for the implementation up to the realization and performance in practice . Complex document environments are our specialty.

Companies around the world with environments in which extremely large document volumes are processed are provided by us for many years with sound solutions who are both efficient and cost-effective.

Would you like to know more about the possibilities for your organisation? Please contact us.